vulnerability is power

hi there, i’m gracie.

i set up the white t-shirt campaign after many years of suffering with mental health issues. i decided that i refuse to be defined by my mental health and that it was time to make a stand. after seeing friends suffer with the stresses of growing up as a young person today, i found a passion in empowering them to be and do whatever they want.

in my many years as a sufferer of mental health issues i have found my openness and honesty to be the thing that has helped people most. letting our guards down and letting people in can be one of the most powerful and empowering things we can do as humans.

if you’re interested in becoming a campaigner and being given a voice to tell your story, contact us using our contact page.

if you would like to support the cause and own a limited edition t-shirt head to the shop. your money will help us to make a bigger difference.

i’ll leave you with a few powerful sentences i wrote a while ago, which gave me the boost i needed to set this campaign up – perhaps it’ll speak to you too.

‘there comes a time when you have to leave what you know and discover the other. ponder the things you dare not indulge. experiment your soul and jump. the cushion of your fall may just be the exact furnishing you need.’


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